Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hostel or Home ?!?!?

Hey people out there I'm back!!
Had been neglected my blog for some time..
The very main reason tat I got nothing much to blog currently
Between I'm fine =D ( for those who concern )
Went to the new lakeside campus which located nearby the LDP highway
1st impression when reached there
'WOW!! Dam huge.. It looks like a Shopping mall more than a university to me" =D
Of course they do have a lake there since they have named it a lakeside campus
and guess what.. there were people 'kayak-ing' there lols..
though the weather is freaking hot this afternoon
The hot weather really makes me feel so annoyed
My sweat was dripping down from my face =X
Sounds disgusting huh but I did wipe it off la of course and was using TISSUE PAPER
Since the weather really pissing us off, we went into the lecture hall jus for some cool air
We stayed there for 3-5 minutes den we went off and explore around
We were wondering which is the correct building that we will be studying in next time
Oh ya by d way we went to the hospitality traning places and it really looks so cool to me
The facilities was all well prepared
But its so unfair becos only the hospitality courses were ready
Den we proceeded to the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH)
Bared in mind we have some questions to ask
One of my fren was so ego to know about Culinary Arts and Event Management
Main reason ---> CHOCOLATE ROOM!!!
This room sounds so interesting but I wonder will I run away from chocolate if i stay in that room for few days wahaha.. will gain much weight also lols..
Since some of my frens planned to stay at the hostel
So we went to the show unit just to have a look
In a unit they have 6 single room..
Each and every room do have an air-conditioner in it
They do provide this house-keeping service also
Meaning we dont need to clean the room ourselves..
My frens was so ON to stay there
That really makes me so excited
But at the same time was sad knowing that I wont get to stay there
Really hope tat i can stay there with bunch off my mates
Even just for a day i will be extremely happy
Okay i think tats all for today =D
Gtg all ciao~
Nite all~
-------------------(Hope my wishes come true)--------------------

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I got my semester 2 final examination result
It might not be a good result to u guys but to me i am satisfy with it
Feeling great!!
Its not oni becos of my result but my other frens result too
We .4 did it and now let us welcome 3.4
We are once again happy family =D
Really cant wait for semester 3 to start
Its like full of happy moments awaiting me

Anyway now have to start with my coming subjects
Jus to get a brief picture of wad am i gonna study in the coming semester
We must try our best to work hard for semester 3
Its becos we oni have 2 subjects
Moreover its our very last semester for our business foundation
Should I feel greatful or .....
Everytime when schools gonna end
I have some sad feelings
Can we stay together all time like now?
I hope we do

Okay okay!! lets stop all the stupid thoughts
I believe no matter what we will always keep in touch right?!?!
Just leave it to the god to decide our life den..
We did our part and the rest leave it to the god =D

I somehow addicted to the fishville which is kinda childish and boring game but I dont care much
I use to said to some of my frens "Why u all waste ur time to play such LAME and CHILDISH games? "
And now turn up to be one of them wakakka
K not gonna talk much here adi if not ELING's level gonna be far far away from me hahaha
I got to catch up hehehe
BYE all ~

(Will be back in some time)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Happy Happy!

Today's mood is absolutely great!
Exams over.. Yay!!
Holidays is starting from today =D
It has been the most exhausted week for me
Its time for us to get some rest after strees for a week
Today after exam went to Neway near our college to Sing K!

Its my favourite though not singing well =x
Later then we headed to Sunway for 2012 which just up on cinema ytd
When watching this movie there were few questions in my mind

~If u knew that u have a day more to survive, what will u do?
~If u can choose to either be the 1st nor the last 1 to die, which would u choose?
~If the whole universe is fully destroyed and u're still alive what will u feel?

I jus cant stop thinking bout this
Maybe all this while i really wanna seeks for the true answer
However this movie brings me some ( ? )
The earth comes to an end does it mean that all people should not be alive anymore?
The ending of this movie was there were still peoples alive
I wonder how long will they survive?
Just curious...

However, though many happy things happened today
there were still some sad feelings in me
will all of our friendship last? or to said how long will it last?
will we still talk, laugh, eat, watching mv and others together in future?
I do always hope tat all of us will always stay together
Knowing all of u really makes me feel tat there is only happy things surrounded me
Feeling very proud and fortunate that i knew u guys
Hope that there is no ending of happiness between all of us
Thx guys!!

Learn to appreciate before its too late =D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Final examination for my semester 2 just right infront of me which is next week. Feel so unprepared especially for my economic and my accounting. It really makes me feel very nervous and scared that i will retake for this 2 subject in the coming semester. Anyway i will try my best to at least get a pass for this 2 paper. Today's mood not bad.. =D Quite happy actually simply because i got good grades for my business computing. Anyway i here wish all the best to all the march intake students(2.1 ~ 2.5) who are facing their final examination next week and do your very best to achieve your aim. Lastly study hard and play hard dudez. Regards from me...
Have to get back to study now!!!
Ciao~ Good luck to myself too XD

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Thursday, October 29, 2009

What does a BULLSHIT means? For me i think it is basically a lie from a person jus to make another person to be happy or feel better jus for a moment and it goes back to the sadness moment.

Anyway, I heard many bullshits these days but the bullshits really make me happy sometimes. However it change my mood very fast. I felt that it is even jus a speed of light and everything has changed.
To u, am I really that stupid that u just cant stop telling me kinds of bullshits?
Well maybe u got ur own point that u feel that i will always trust that ur bullshit is a truth.

Seriously I can say from the 1st things u told me from ur dam mouth i knew its a stupid lie. Its jus that all this time while i dun wanna make things complicated and tot u will change to tell me just a truth of urs. How fuking stupid could I be?
Why would u always ruined things that is getting better?
Who do u think u are?
If thats what u think so, okay its a dam joke for all the people in the universe.

Okay now bout school life.

I have uncountable school and college mates that always treats me very good.

We talk craps together, do work seriously together, and doing SPORTS together =D

I really enjoyed being with u guys

Thats the only thing that i want to cherish before its too late

Especially my college classmates (2.4)

Its semester 2 now and soon semester 3

Our foundation will be over and comes degree

Haha will it be too fast?

Our final is jus 1 week+ to go haha...

I hope that each and everyone of us will all stay together in semester 3 happily and all get good results..

I believe we (.4) can do it!

Cheers(.4) =D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009